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Journey of LPGCL in Becoming the Most Reliable Power Plant in Grid of Uttar Pradesh

Bajaj Energy

Published Sep 10, 2020


Lalitpur Power Generation Co Ltd (3 x 660 MW) of Baiaj Power Business located in Lalitpur district (Near Jhansi – U. P.) is a Supercritical Thermal Power Plant of our country equipped with Morden technologies and advanced automatic monitoring & control with high-efficiency ESP control to help the country reduce its carbon footprint. It is also among the most efficient & reliable thermal power plants of our country having with major plant and machinery from reputed indigenous OEMs like BHEL/ Siemens/ L&T etc. The full capacity of the plant is 3X660 MW i.e. 1980 MW and works on supercritical technology with high efficiency to consume less coal for the production of one unit of electricity.


Lalitpur is placed among one of the best in the country for its most reliable and efficient operation and the fact has been affirmed by UPPCL as well.


Some of the main highlights are mentioned below -

  • Unit of LPGCL has run continuously for a record number of days which is a record for BHEL design 660 MW supercritical unit’s continuous running. Station also achieved continuous running at its full load as per requirement by UPSLDC.
  • The station is rated as the most reliable power station by our customer UPPCL.
  • It is one of the first to have achieved ash utilisation more than the norms set by MOEF in last 3 yrs
  • It has the lowest raw water consumption of 2.1 m3//hr/MW continuously in the last three years which is the best in the country and well below the norms set by the MOEF. This was possible due to numerous innovative measures taken up meticulously by the team.
  • It has the most unique performance of its cooling towers and Cooling Water (CW) system due to excellent upkeep
  • along with a complete green grass carpet around it which has helped in maintaining the condenser parameters close to the design values resulting into enhanced efficiency.
  • Station has developed an online, real-time based efficiency monitoring system for the desired unit’s loading/unloading within close limits of design efficiency in line with the demand required by State Load Dispatch Centr (SLDC).
  • Station has got the best coal stacking strategy on the basis of fuel sourcing and calorific value for coal blending surrounded all around by heavy tree plantation.
  • The station has stabilised very soon after COD for reliable operation due to various quick implementation of innovative & improvement projects.


The company is a learning organization which encourages and supports continuous employee learning by way of imparting periodic soft skills and in house functional training, interplant workshops (other IPPs and NTPC stations) and knowledge sharing sessions along with effective HR system for development and welfare of its people.


Apart from power generation, the company is committed to sustainable development (i.e. environmental protection, economic growth, and societal benefits). The company is very sensitive to the environment and safety of its people and plant assets. The smokeless chimney, massive tree plantation, lowest specific water consumption, transportation of coal in covered wagons, robust and safe in house railway network for coal rake movement, nearly 800 accident-free days till now are all witness to it.


Conceptualized under CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme the company has taken up a major project to harvest and recharge rainwater which aims at –

  • Recharge rainwater for the increased ground water table and improving the ground water quality
  • Benefiting surrounding locals/ farmers with potable and irrigation water availability due to increased water table.
  • Improve water footprints of company and achieving water sustainability for its operations.
  • Developing good rapport with the local community and increasing in them the awareness on water harvesting, effective water utilization and its conservation.
  • For water recharge within the premises, LPGCL has created bore wells, Percolation dug wells, check dam and carried out the revival of ‘Nala’.


Artificial recharge structures have been designed as per the rainfall, drainage pattern, topsoil and sub soil formation, water level, thickness for aquifer and many other scientific factors the visible impact of this initiative is as below –

  • Water table increased up to 4 to 5 ft.
  • Water flow increased up to 8 to 10 months in the streams.
  • Wells and bore wells are benefitted in surrounding the plant boundary.
  • Acres of land area benefitted for cultivation.


The journey of improvements is progressing annually at LPGCL for maintaining a reliable, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere.

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