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We believe in the concept of

‘Ideas are no one's monopoly’

and brainstorming sessions have helped us in many process innovations.

A brainstorming session includes a representation from every department so that no stone is left unturned for the elimination of any problem or for implementation of any improvement idea. These sessions give us an open platform to discuss and share ideas which either act as an input for the solution of a problem or provide us with an innovative model to take a step ahead.

In our plant, opportunities are provided to encourage creative experimentation and job rotation to embrace new ideas in all aspects of the business. These opportunities not only help an individual grow in his role but also provide encouragement to aim for the achievement of better results for the business.



In BEL Barkhera, we have gone beyond the OEM’s traditional design to reduce the Loss of Ignition in fly ash. We have also initiated a project for improvement of coal combustion with equal distribution of secondary air, to avoid the rich mixture of coal passing through the dead zone of bed ash cooler nozzle, when the bed ash cooler is not in service.

DRIVER 2 - QCNRV booster unit modification

OEM design of instrument air pressure was for higher pressure setting for opening and closing of the Turbine QCNRV valve. For saving of the auxiliary power consumption, we have reduced the set point of the instrument air set pressure as compared to the designed value and commissioned successfully.

Every employee is motivated to look for innovative ideas for improvement of process. The different groups at stations also run different campaigns for energy conservation and efficiency initiations.

DRIVER 3 - Coal feeder air puffing - chronic problem rectified at TKIL CFBC boiler

In TKIL CFBC Boiler Coal is fed into the furnace by coal feeders (Drag chain feeders). We used to face chronic air puffing problem from the coal feeders and the matter was also taken up by with TKIL in the customer care meet. BEL Barkhera rectified this problem by providing air curtain in the discharge chute so that air puffing gets restricted by the air curtain.