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The two drivers responsible for excellence in our stations is organisational culture and leadership. We believe in the development of employees, Retention of employees, effective two-way communication and feedback system with employees, Work-life balance and motivation of employees.

We focus on open communication with employees. Top management interaction with all individuals is an example of this. Various initiatives are as under.

  • Town Hall Meeting with Chairman (Yearly)
  • Meet the MD (Six Monthly)
  • Voice of Employees (Quarterly)
  • Samvad (Monthly)

BEL @ Operate the guys

The motivation of employees improves the organisational culture, their sense of belongings for the company. On the spot motivation ( "Shabash Card"), Periodic awards like "employee of the month" are being given to employees and even contractual staff also for their performances.

Our culture is to provide employees with opportunities to exercise their responsibility and creativity while growing themselves and our business. We recognise each individual's contribution to the growth and development of the Company. Treat all employees (on-role as well as off-role) with respect and dignity. Our employees are like one big family.

BEL @ Balance of Life and Work- Yoga, Marathons & Sports Tournaments

Bajaj energy treat and trust that their employees are as valuable human and feel as work is not the only aspect of their identity. To keep them operating at maximum efficiency and avoid the development of resentment, we help them to achieve a balanced life in and out of work and take steps to ensure no one must do so without adequate relaxation in between.

We organize sports tournaments for employees and their family members in different age group categories.

To enhance the spirit of competition Intra plant followed by interplant and Interplant tournaments are being organized.