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Development of In-house Filtration Machine for Cleaning Axial Fans Lube Oil

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Corporate Communication / Published Feb 2, 2020

With the drive to evolve our technologies, we always have our thinking cap on to come up with solutions that make our operations efficient. One such success story is the development of In-house Filtration Machine to achieve the standard recommendation of Lube Oil Purity.

In Axial Fans, Purity of Lube oil plays a major role in its proper functioning during operation. The GEMBA visit to the Axial Fans revealed that the Draft fan lube oil skids are operated in a dusty environment and the oil is being prone to contamination with continuous system operation. This observation led us to the conclusion that oil has to be filtered On-Line through some Filtration machine to achieve specified oil parameters i.e. NAS and Mechanical Impurities (MI) levels.

After an in-depth brainstorming by the LPGCL team, we decided to develop an In-House filtration machine that can be connected On-Line to the Axial Fans Lube oil skids for filtration. Most of the filtration machines available in the market cost Rs 3 to 3.5 lacs. Additionally, it also requires a regular change of filters and spares.

Photo: In house developed oil filtration machine for draft fans

The In-House Filtration Skid developed consisted of Magnetic Filter followed by Washable Filters of 10, 5 and 2 microns’ size put in series that are selected to achieve the desired Lube Oil Purity i.e. NAS < 7 as per OEM recommendations for best performance of HAD. The life of washable filters selected for this machine is much higher than the machines available in the market. This will reduce operating cost to a great extent as well as time-saving.

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