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BEL organises a marathon for employees and their families in March 2021

To boost employee morale among units, Bajaj Energy Limited organised a marathon event at all 5 of its Units in March this year – Barkhera (20th March), Kundarki (23rd March), Khambharkhera (26th March), Utraula (27th March) & Maqsoodapur (27th & 28th March). The event, organised while keeping protocols in mind, witnessed the active participation of employees, their families and kids. The support of senior members of the team was a great motivator for all the participants. At the Kundarki unit, Mr. Mohit Saxena, Corporate HR Head, Mr. Narendra Wadhwa, Sr. VP-O&M, and Mr. A.K. Mehta, Unit Head were present to encourage the employees. After the marathon, they planted a few trees on the factory premises to drive home the message that “the less we pollute our environment, the more we prevent global warming.”

In the Utraula unit, Mr. Nishant Srivastava, Unit Head spoke about the need to organise such events regularly to imbibe a sense of sportsmanship among all. The Barkhera Unit Marathon was flagged off by Mr. Deepak Rana, Unit Head. He expressed his thoughts on how such events can be the framework for teamwork, discipline, employee engagement, and bonding amongst the families of Bajaj Energy. The Maqsoodapur event was flagged off by Unit Head Mr. S.K. Sabat and in Khambharkhera, Dharminder Singh, Unit Head was present to witness the event.

Anything is possible as long as you're focused, determined and you really want to do it. This entire initiative was possible due to the dedicated efforts of Mr. Pramod Tripathi, HR Head, Kundarkhi Unit. He organised this massive marathon while ensuring complete protocol was maintained. Kudos to each and every one who made this marathon possible and special thanks to Mr. Pramod Tripathi.